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Survival Living Without Power!


When I first went off grid I was living in an old tiny camper and my only power source was a truck battery. I fashioned some long jumper cables and put that battery in the bed of the truck and while I drove to work each day I would charge that battery up from the truck. That was just enough power to run the camper water pump a light and small fan and a tiny TV radio for a few hours at night.


Then I got a 45 watt harbor freight panel and hooked the battery to that and I was able to run stuff off solar in the day time. Over time I went through dozens of different batteries as deep cycle become affordable and better panels came out and I increased my power use. Now I have most of the same conveniences of a modern home except a dishwasher. The dogs have to have something to do.


The last few days I have been testing a small Egretech power station with LI battery and a 100 watt solar panel to see what all it could run and just that little system would run more than I could run the first couple of years I was off grid. It ran my fridge/freezer, led lights, fan, evap cooler, laptop and wifi, and recharged my phone and gadgets.


It also cost less than my first system as prices for power stations and panels have come way down. If I had to start all over again I think I would be just fine with a small power station and a 100 watt panel and... I might never need anything else.


You can watch that test and review here:

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