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Welcome folks!

After 20+ years off grid running numerous groups, my youtube channel and writing many books and designing off grid cabin plans I have decided to slow down a bit and simplify my life.

If you want to learn about off grid living and how to build an off grid cabin and the systems I use then please visit my channel:

There you will find over 350 videos and I make new videos all the time. Subscribe and you can join in the ongoing discussions and meet some great people. We also have contests and give-aways!

If you are looking for my book 'Off The Grid' or any of my off grid cabin plans they are here:

Or you can get the ebook versions directly from me using paypal and some of the plans include the sketchup file so you can modify the design to suit your needs.  Scroll down to see the plans.


Thanks to the many friends that have supported my work all these years and without you none of this would have been possible and I am very grateful for the friends I have made on this big adventure we call life.


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 The 14x14 A Frame Cabin Plans are now available.


These plans include a detailed 30 page ebook full of step-by-step directions plus the modifiable Sketchup models of both the finished A Frame and the framing model to help guide your construction.

Also included is information for an off-grid solar electric system, water system, heating system and composting toilet system for your A Frame cabin.


You get the 30 page ebook with complete plans and the Sketchup file for only $5.00. Get it today!

Printed Plans $10:


LaMar's 14x14 Off Grid Cabin
Ultimate Off Grid Guide
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This cabin is 14x14 with a full loft and approximately 400 square feet of living space. Downstairs is Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining and Living area. Upstairs is a large Bedroom and Office. There is enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably.


Power system is 580 watts Solar electric and 400 Watts wind power which powers a 12 volt fridge, lights, water pump, TV's, laptop and many gadgets. Heat source can be propane or wood stove. Toilet is solar assisted composting.


The cabin is designed for year round use and is fully insulated for cold climates.

This cabin design has been tested in Canada, Mexico and Alaska with great results. Perfect for a starter home, hunting/fishing cabin, bug-out shelter or vacation cabin.


The cabin can be built from all new materials for under $5000 (not including windows and doors) and is designed for additions on 3 sides. Plans for additions and complete material lists are included in the ebook.


You will get a complete 355 page Ebook guide with step-by-step directions for building the cabin including material list and detailed instructions for installing solar and wind power.


Plans included:


1- How to build a 14x14 cabin for under $2000

2- How to install solar and wind power

3- How to build a solar composting toilet

4- How to drill a water well and harvest rain water

5- How to find cheap homesteading land

6- How to build an outdoor wood furnace install a wood stove

7- How to install propane appliances

8- How to build cabin additions for more room

9- How to make a living from your homestead

10- How to build a wood heated pallet hot tub

11- How to raise a garden and build simple animal pens

12- How to keep your cabin secure and safe

 Ebook plans are $5.00, full color and very detailed. Order today!

Penobscot Cabin Plans


The Penobscot Cabin is named after the Penobscot Native American tribe:

"The Penobscot (Panawahpskek) are a Northeastern Native American tribe in Maine and First Nations band in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. The Penobscot Nation, formerly known as the Penobscot Tribe of Maine, is the federally recognized tribe of Penobscot people. They are part of the Wabanaki Confederacy, along with the AbenakiPassamaquoddyMaliseet, and Mi'kmaq nations. Their main settlement is now Penobscot Indian Island Reservation." -Wiki


The Penobscot Cabin is 12x20 with room for additions on 3 sides. The plans include a full or half loft design and the porch plan is included.


The cabin is an easy to build design and includes 2x6 construction for superior insulation. This would be a great cabin for a couple or small family and can be expanded with additions. Good cabin for a first home, vacation retreat, accessory dwelling unit, off-grid cabin, office or even a workshop.


The plans are 29 full color pages in ebook PDF format and printable. The plans include all framing with dimensions and instructions, porch framing, floor plan ideas, material list, basic solar power system instructions and recommendations for off-grid systems.


This would be a good project for a person with basic construction skills or you can have a shed builder or local handyman build it for you. 

Ebook plans are $5.00, full color and very detailed. Order today!

Penobscot Cabin Plans
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Cattail Cabin Plans
Cattail Ebook plans are $5.00, full color and very detailed. 
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Market Trailer Plans
Market Trailer plans are $5.00, full color and very detailed. 
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Walden cabin plans
Walden cabin with addition
Walden Interior Ideas

Walden Cabin Plans


The Walden Cabin is designed to be easy and inexpensive to build with options for porches, additions and a patio and can be used for off grid housing, recreation cabin, accessory dwelling unit, office, rental, emergency homeless housing and other purposes.


Walden Cabin is 8x12 shown with 8x9 addition, porch and patio options and the 8x12 cabin can be built for under $2,000 framed, insulated, drywall, foundation and roofing. If you can cut a straight line you can build this cabin.


Plans are 35 pages full color in PDF ebook form and includes all framing for the cabin, porch, addition and patio. Material list for cabin and recommendations for materials and equipment is included. Also includes basic solar info and I recommend my Ultimate Off Grid ebook below for all your off grid needs.


Walden Cabin Plans Ebook is full color and printable for $5.00

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Studio Cabin Plans

These are plans for a 10x10 Studio, Cottage, Cabin or Accessory dwelling unit and includes plans for an addition and porch. These units would be great for an off grid cabin, backyard office/studio, Accessory Dwelling Unit or other uses. The Studio is designed to sleep 1 or 2 people and the Cottage/Cabin can sleep 4 people.


The plans are 46 pages full color ebook PDF format and include all framing instructions, dimensions and pictures of exterior and interior finishings for ideas. Also included are plans for a Studio addition, porch and recommended off grid equipment and material list and costs for each unit.


If you can cut a straight line, hammer a nail and drive screws you can build these units!

Watch walk through video here:


Studio plans are full color and very detailed for only $5.00  

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Studio ADU Cabin Plans

Cabins Built From My Plans Click To Scroll

Houses On Wheels

Big Tex Tiny House
Big Tex Interior One
Big Tex Interior Two
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Big Tex Plans

The Big Tex is a house that can be built on wheels or on a permanent foundation and is designed for the Big Tex 7x14, 16' or 18' foot trailers or any similar trailer. It can also be built on a Dek block or poured pad foundation.

The Big Tex plans are full color and 32 pages of step-by-step plans to build your house on wheels or on a permanent foundation. Plans include the materials recommended and a material list and ideas for off grid and solar equipment.


The Big Tex is designed specifically to be low profile and low weight so it can be towed by a standard truck and moved as needed while being fully insulated for year round living. Framing is all 2x4 framing and same as most conventional houses but designed for a trailer.  The construction is very basic and any DIY builder can handle this project with basic tools.


The plans include ideas for interior floor plans and the Big Tex would be great for a single person, couple or even a small family with kids and it can sleep up to 4 people.

People asking about the weight of the Big Tex House On Wheels: An 8x12 wood shed weighs around 1500 pounds so even at double that and 3000 pounds you are well under the 6000 pound GVWR capacity for the 8x14 Big Tex. It will depend on materials used but I show this with 2x4 framing, hardyboard siding, and metal roofing and with 7 foot sidewalls to keep weight down.


I designed the floor plan to distribute the weight front to back and side to side with more on the tongue for towing. A good rule of thumb for weight distribution is 60 percent to the front, 40 percent to the back.


This Big Tex design can also be built on a foundation for people looking for a cabin, ADU or rental and you could live in it on a trailer and then move it on to a foundation when you find your perfect homesteading land.


Big Tex Trailer Specs:

Plans are full color, very detailed and printable for only $5

Wombat Camper Plans


This teardrop style camper is based on the Harbor Freight 4x8 or similar trailer. The plans are 32 pages full color with very detailed diagrams and instructions. This is a simple camper to build with just straight cuts and common tools.

The plans are full color, step-by-step and very detailed.

You get the full color 32 page ebook plans for  $5.00 

Wombat Camper Military
Wombat Camper Blue
Wombat Camper Kitchen
Wombat Camper Details
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Free Plans

LaMar's Vardo Construction Video

Shepherd Wagon Vardo Plans

These are micro-cabins specifically designed for emergency shelter or off grid living.


The plans include the Stealth 64 which is an 8x8 cabin that can be insulated or uninsulated and can be dismantled quickly for portability. This is a great design for homeless housing, off grid living or for many other purposes.


The plans include the Shepherd Wagon that is a vardo style 6'8" x 8' house on wheels that fits on a Lowe's or Home Depot 5x8 trailer or can be built on skids or casters.


I include complete step by step plans, ideas for trim and interior, recommended equipment, material list and even a small solar set up information.


I do recommend you get my ebook Off The Grid to go with these plans if you are interested in living off grid and that is 355 pages of everything I have learned living 20 years off grid with many off grid projects I built along the way.

Vardo Interior One
Vardo Interior Ideas Two

Thoreau cabin plans are full color step-by-step plans for a DIY builder. I include recommended off grid solar and other equipment I use at my own cabin.


This is a good size for a couple of people and can be adapted for a loft bed to sleep 4 people. Great size for a recreation cabin, studio or other use. I include ideas for interior floor plans and it can be adapted for an addition.

The cabin can be built for under $1000 based on US prices for lumber at large home supply stores. That price does not include windows, door, insulation or interior furnishings. In place of a brick fireplace I have recommended a recycled steel barrel stove and stove kit from Vogelzang that would be more efficient.


NOTE: These plans were designed in 2014 and prices for materials quoted may not be accurate for today.

Thoreau Cabin -wiki
Thoreau Cabin Plans Framing

Thank you for visiting!

Simple Solar Homesteading is a social and cultural service organization dedicated to producing affordable off-grid housing designs and projects so that everyone everywhere can have a safe and sustainable home.


Your puchases will help us to design these projects, build the models and to promote these projects to all countries. Please share our vision on your facebook, Twitter and other social networks and help us end homelessness.

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