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Vetsport Extreme SIPS Microcamper

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The Vetsport Extreme SIPS Microcamper started as a simple design for a super insulated extreme weather camper that could be used by homeless Veterans and other homeless people. It evolved into a great outback microcamper that is easy to build, super strong and suitable for outdoor adventurers that need a small camper to sleep and cook but strong enough for carrying a heavy roof load like Kayaks, mountain bikes and other gear.

You may have seen other small teardrop camper designs but you have never seen anything like the Vetsport. The Vetsport utilizes 4 inch thick walls and roof with R18 insulation (more than many houses) and has a super strong steel brace reinforced roof for carrying a heavy roof load that would collapse most campers.

The Vetsport is designed for extreme weather and is so well insulated it can be heated by just body heat or  a small Buddy style heater designed for indoor use. With a  white roof and vents it would remain cool in summer when parked under the trees.

Best of all the camper is built on any basic 4x8 trailer that can handle a minimum of 1000 pounds axle weight and material costs for the camper shell is under $1000 depending on materials used. 

The complete PDF step-by-step plans are available below which includes the 3D Sketchup file which can be modified to suit your needs.







The Vetsport Microcamper PDF plans includes over 80 pictures and

diagrams with step-by-step easy to follow directions.



For a $5 donation you get the complete PDF plans for the Vetsport Extreme SIPS Microcamper and the 3D Sketchup modifiable model. The Sketchup file requires Google Sketchup free version available here:  Sketchup




You will receive an order confirmation from Paypal and the file download link will be sent to whatever email you use for Paypal. If you have any problems with the download or prefer to donate cash contact:


 The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 57,849 veterans are homeless on any given night. There are more than 600,000 homeless people in America.

The vetsport camper was originally designed as a simple to build, inexpensive and extreme weather insulated survival camper for Veterans and homeless people. It would also make a very nice extreme weather off-grid camper for outdoor adventurers and can be towed with a smaller car or light pickup truck and fits into tight spots.

I was homeless for two years and lived in a small camper with solar power. It was rough in the winter because commercial campers are not well insulated and it was too big to move with my small truck. The Vetsport solves both of those problems. This is a great microcamper suitable for outdoor adventures and can be used as a homeless shelter in extreme weather conditions.











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