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Ten Tiny Cabins New Book

I am in the process of publishing a new book to be called "Ten Tiny Cabins" which will include at least 10 new cabin designs all under 200 sqft footprint that can be built in many rural areas as dry cabins/sheds without a building permit. The new book will include completely modifiable Sketchup files so you can walk through and see all the cabin details in 3d and change any features as you desire. Also included will be the basic foundation and framing for each cabin and guides for what appliances are recommended and a basic solar power installation guide so you can power your cabins for free.

This book will be in Ebook PDF form and will be printable and I hope to also produce a printed and DVD version.

I have videos of most of the cabins that will be in the book and information and pictures to wet your appetite so be sure to subscribe here on my website and on my youtube channel so you will be notified when the book is available. As always, the ebook will be kept very affordable for everyone to enjoy.

Cabin Designs to be included in new book

Cedarbilly Cabin

A Frame Cabin

Bandito cabin

Beachbum Cabin

Tiny Transformer House

Studio Cabin On Wheels

Little Luxury Cabin

8x8 Mini-Cabin

Please consider ordering my book Ultimate Off Grid Guide which will teach you how to install your solar/wind power systems, choose appliances, build a solar composting toilet and many many projects for your tiny cabins.

Order Ultimate Off Grid Guide here




The 14x14 A Frame Cabin Plans are now available.

These plans include a detailed 30 page ebook full of step-by-step directions plus the modifiable Sketchup models of both the finished A Frame and the framing model to help guide your construction.


Also included is information for an off-grid solar electric system, water system, heating system and composting toilet system for your A Frame cabin. 

You get the 30 page ebook with complete plans and the Sketchup file for your $5.00 donation. You will receive an order confirmation from Paypal and your plans will be sent to whatever email you use for paypal. If you do not receive the email contact If you prefer to use cash please contact me.

About Us:

Simple Solar Homesteading is a Not-For-Profit social and cultural service organization dedicated to producing affordable off-grid housing designs and projects so that everyone everywhere can have a safe and sustainable home.


Your donations will help us to design these projects, build the models and to promote these projects to all countries. Please share our vision on your facebook, Google+ and other social networks and help us end homelessness and poverty once and for all!



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