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Studio, Cottage, Cabin or Accessory Dwelling Unit Plans




These are plans for a 10x10 Studio, Cottage, Cabin or Accessory dwelling unit and includes plans for an addition and porch.  These units would be great for an off grid cabin, backyard office/studio, Accessory Dwelling Unit or other uses. The Studio is designed to sleep 1 or 2 people and the Cottage/Cabin can sleep 4 people. 

The plans are 46 pages full color ebook PDF format and include all framing instructions, dimensions and pictures of exterior and interior finishings for ideas. Also included are plans for a Studio addition, porch and recommended off grid equipment and material list and costs for each unit. 

If you can cut a straight line, hammer a nail and drive screws you can build these units!


Plans are only $5.00  


Orders are handled by Paypal. Ebook plans will be sent to email on file with Paypal. 
Ebook is in PDF format designed for a computer. May not work on phones or other devices. 

If any problems with download contact me directly at lamar5292