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Redhawk Micro-Cabin 56 sqft Plans

This is the worlds smallest complete house on wheels at 56 sqft. It includes two single beds, shower and toilet wet bath, kitchen unit, clothes and storage closet. Space for a micro fridge and microwave.

It is setup for off grid with solar power, propane, OD water heater, fresh water storage tanks,  and chemical toilet. The cabin is fully insulated with R12 foil faced foamboard insulation and designed for year round use.

This micro-cabin is based on the Ironton 5x8 trailer available everywhere. The cabin is 7 feet wide and 8 feet long with 6 foot side walls and 7'9" to the peak so a tall person can stand normally inside. Beds are 3' x 6'6" for big people.







For $5 you get the complete 32 page full color step by step plans for the Redhawk Micro-Cabin.

Material list and many recommended supplies, materials and equipment for off-gridding included with internet links to find your materials. 




 I also have a printed version available on Please note: the printed books are in black and white and links will not work. The ebook is printable.



 If you want to get more info on off grid living, homesteading and understand the equipment we use I would also suggest you get my 355 page Ultimate off grid ebook and it is included in this package deal.

 These are products I use on my homestead and can recommend. These are great products for off-grid living and most come direct to your door with free shipping. Click on any product to see full description and customer reviews.


















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