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Bikesport Micro-Camper


The Bikesport Micro-Camper is a small camper designed to be pushed like a handcart or towed behind a bicycle or small scooter. It is lightweight and is built on the Aosome Elite II trailer frame:

The camper is 2 feet wide and slides open to a 6 foot bed space. Room enough for one adult to sleep inside with a sleeping bag and roll up mattress pad. There is a storage cabinet on one end. The top of the camper is at table height and can be used for a table, meal prep games and there is a roof top cargo rack to hold more camping supplies.

This would be a great project for a homeless person, bike traveler, college student, or just to have as a bug out shelter for emergencies when you can't drive a vehicle.






Plans are 15 pages full color printable with step by step directions, diagrams and dimensions.

You get the complete PDF plans for a $5.00 donation.

Plans will be emailed to the email you have on file with Paypal.