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Reply simplesolarhomesteading
2:37 PM on July 12, 2020 
I have new videos up:

Hot Tub Mudroom Update: OD Water Heater Install

Shepherd Wagon Vardo: Watch the series and get the free plans
Reply Alfred
2:40 PM on February 26, 2020 
Hi Lamar! I've been watching your videos on and off for about five years now. I love them and think you do a great job explaining things. The past couple of months I think I've been addicted to them because I'm in the process of buying some land in northern New Hampshire and just trying to get as much info as possible. I feel like I know you personally because I've been watching and reading so much of your work. I just bought your book and love it. I think a few years back I bought the e-version but think I had it on an old computer that doesn't work anymore.! probably will purchase that again as well. Well hope all is well with you and Taz! and look forward to more ideas or even hiking and fishing videos. Thanks again!
Reply QuailWoodsGirl
4:03 AM on January 6, 2016 
Hi Lamar. Everyone. I'm a little slow catching on to the move. Glad to be connected once again. Bought 8 acres this year and building a tiny house with resources I have and Not in the credit world. Just recently bought a 300W panels with a 1500W inverter and I'm too chicken to take it out of the box. Well not really but it did catch me off guard and not prepared. Definitely need a lot more info about batteries. Think I will go 12V. So if a battery says 12V 356 ah, how am I going to measure and make sure I don't drain below 50%? Comments welcome. Is that ok, Lamar?
Reply Angelina
6:36 AM on October 14, 2015 
Great site :) Am looking forward to when I can build my own little cabin. Also waiting to see the plans for the 32 skidoo - gypsy wagon! Want to try that plan out .....
Reply Lucky
4:49 PM on September 12, 2015 
Hey LaMar - I have watched almost all of your videos on YouTube. I love all your cabin plans and having a hard time figuring out which one I want to build. When is your book."10 Tiny Cabins" going to be available? I would like to order your "Off Grid" book but don't have PayPal anymore as my account was "compromised" per them. Don't want to order from Amazon as much more than your site. What can I do? Also, my son said to tell you he loves all your songs. THANKS!!
Reply simplesolarhomesteading
1:17 PM on July 30, 2015 
Hi folks, I am busy working on some new vids and projects and also helping design an online course for MIT on sustainable living.

Hope you are all doing well and please check out my new Off-Grid Amazon Store:

Reply Colleen 1954
1:25 PM on March 6, 2015 
Didn't know I was already a "member", so 1st time here.......just going to explore for a while?
Reply Ted
9:25 PM on February 20, 2015 
I've been studying tiny houses for about 2 yrs but looking in to being off the grid is me me me. I was. taught how my whole llife and sould have done it 20 years ago..
Reply Sean MacConhuir
4:50 PM on February 13, 2015 
I cant help but get a nice feeling every time i visit this site
Reply MichaelRN
12:53 AM on January 17, 2015 
Hey Lamar. I always get a good feeling here. Your "vibes" are stellar:-).
Reply don
11:01 AM on December 15, 2014 
I'm glad I found this site! I was about to try this with no guidance...will order book soon and watch the youtube videos. Thanks!
Reply GypsieDave
7:20 AM on November 29, 2014 
Glad 2be apart of this great community...
Reply Sylvia
9:07 PM on October 29, 2014 
So honored to receive so much knowledge on how to really live a good life!! It's never too late to make a change!! I am looking forward to learning so much more!! Thank you all!!
Reply aircooled
4:01 PM on October 29, 2014 
Great source of information! I can't wait to work on some of these ideas on my new spread. We already got a little cabin going on another piece of land by paying a greenhouse and shed builder to build a 20 X 8 unit which he hauled in on a truck bed and set up on blocks. We then added a 8 X 16 porch, a little deck, wood stove, oak floor (industrial flooring) and build a sleeping loft in one end, kind of like a ship's bed. The cabin is tall so there are to overhead lofts as well. Total cost to do all of this was around $6,000. And cheaper if you did all the labor yourself.
Reply Scout Fix
1:40 PM on October 1, 2014 
Great Videos, and great site. I'll looking forward to watching more of your videos and learning how to use solar power correctly.
Reply Ana
10:03 PM on September 2, 2014 
Hi, LaMars. I have watched most of your video. They have been very educational. I am looking forward to start my solar system. Thank you verymuch for sharing.
Reply kathleneg
12:31 AM on August 30, 2014 
Hi there!

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story and your great ideas!

My husband and I have been looking into building and creating a home that is energy efficient. I never thought of creating a small home to eliminate mortgage payment-but i tell you, it sounds appealing!! I just graduated as a nurse, married with two kids. I have no desires to work all my life to be away from the kids. I want to grow with them. We currently rent a home for $750 a month, and our utility bills and other bills are well over $1000, So we live the pay cheque to pay cheque lifestyle. its frustrating.

I guess my only concern is that if we were to utilize this idea, could we create a "tiny" home for a family of 4.
Reply Mick
3:33 PM on August 23, 2014 
Just joined...was a carpenter for over 30yrs...37yrs total in construction.One thing I've learned in all those years is ya never stop learning.Great site!
Reply Steve McClure
3:25 PM on August 16, 2014 
Love these ideas and wish to use them in the next few years till then i will continue to watch :)
Reply EMasters
1:57 AM on July 4, 2014 
I just finished watching you entire YouTube library. You Sir are an inspiration. When I get off work I am going to download you Ebook and get started gaining knowledge. I am a simple man from a long line of farmers and want desperately to get back to the simple life. I am so thankful and Blessed to have run across you. I feel truly Blessed! THANK YOU!
Reply simplesolarhomesteading
9:13 AM on July 2, 2014 
murray says...
How can I download my plan for the $7 project anyone?

You can order from this website and I will send you the ebook.
Reply murray
7:46 AM on July 2, 2014 
How can I download my plan for the $7 project anyone?
Reply Rogann
7:42 PM on June 15, 2014 
love your home, and your music....So happy to see people living the life I've always dreamed of !!! I've never lived conventionally, but still doing the daily grind. I'm starting on my tiny house on wheels in next couple months....getting trailer prepped now....who knows where it will end up.....I only want to be somewhere warmer than central IL. thanks for a fantastic and inspiring site !!
Reply tash
10:16 PM on June 13, 2014 
Love the site. I wanted to see the bandito casita but only the first picture opened. I will check back to see it later. When is the book coming out or plans? (Have your cabin plan. and the A frame).
Reply Revas83
5:22 PM on June 9, 2014 
Glad I found this site. I'm in the process of building my tiny cabin on my property. It'll be plenty of room for just me, and another if that happens to come about. Thanks for being you LaMar!
Reply simplesolarhomesteading
11:16 PM on June 6, 2014 
Reply MaidenShade
9:10 AM on May 24, 2014 
I enjoyed watching the video and hearing the songs. Well written AND performed! Please do them on YouTube with just the music!

As far as "how to build a 400 sq ft cabin...", I love the concept - how would this work in central Florida where it is often 98 and humid? Would one plan or another work better for that location? Anyone build one here in Florida?

Reply anonymous
7:43 PM on May 7, 2014 
I got this e-book several years ago. It is full of useful information if you are interested in building your own off-grid cabin or home. Unless you are an off-grid expert, you are certain to find at least one bit of information which will save you or be worth more than the $7. Highly recommended.
Reply Mike Prince
12:29 PM on March 20, 2014 
Well LaMar I found your blog quit by accident and was interested in you new book so I shelled out the seven buck for the pdf and figured it would be like most all the others I have spent my money on well was I ever wrong. After reading through the first chapter on the Solar Cabin I was hooked the information in this book is the best I have found I liked it so much I have sent for the hard copy so that I will have the information at my finger tips when ever the need arises. Thank you for putting together a book that has information that you truly can use with out braking the bank. My wife and I are moving to a six acre plot of land in Idaho in June and with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and we will have our cabin weather tight in no time. Thanks again for information that is down to earth and easy to follow.
Reply tonyB
6:48 AM on March 15, 2014 
very nice ideas, i think more and more people all over the world are beginning to question the lifestyle of today.
i really like your videos on youtube.
Reply Jason
8:54 PM on March 12, 2014 
Hey, LaMar. Just discovered your videos and website a few days ago. Been wanting to go off grid for a while, but haven't been motivated enough. Now, I'm starting to research how to do it in Oregon without contractors. Thank you.
Reply simplesolarhomesteading
7:04 PM on March 9, 2014 
see you got your songs up am glad to see it brother keep up the awesome work it inspires many i will be building a cabin like yours but just a bit different as soon as i find land i can use!!!! god bless you brother soon who knows i may build a full on earth ship home you should youtube it its just as cool but can hold greenhouse and aquaponics system too!!!!!

Thanks friend!
Reply SugaWuga
5:35 AM on February 16, 2014 
LaMar you are AWSOME!!!! Because of you I can build my own little cabin until my Log Home is complete. I purchased your off the grid ebook as well and I cannot wait until I get it. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!!
3:28 AM on February 1, 2014 
9:17 PM on January 31, 2014 
see you got your songs up am glad to see it brother keep up the awesome work it inspires many i will be building a cabin like yours but just a bit different as soon as i find land i can use!!!! god bless you brother soon who knows i may build a full on earth ship home you should youtube it its just as cool but can hold greenhouse and aquaponics system too!!!!!
Reply desperado657
7:43 PM on January 27, 2014 
Hi LaMar,

Your site and your videos are great. Lots of information that you present very well.

You are an inspiration to a lot of people. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.
Reply Jayne Henderson
11:52 PM on January 10, 2014 
Hello LaMar... I really like watching your videos and your site is very educational. My dream is to live in a tiny house and be free of the financial binds that hold people in todays time...

Jayne Henderson
Halifax, NS, Canada
Reply Chris Fallon
9:05 AM on January 10, 2014 
I love your site, videos and all that you do, I hope to be there one day here soon.

Chris Fallon, Peoria, AZ
Reply simplesolarhomesteading
8:31 PM on January 2, 2014 
akaallice says...
I read somewhere in here that your "water is from a free flowing artesian well I drilled myself". How did you do that? I need instructions on how to do it, please.

Instructions for drilling water wells is included in my ebook. ultimate off grid guide.
Reply akaallice
10:43 AM on January 1, 2014 
I read somewhere in here that your "water is from a free flowing artesian well I drilled myself". How did you do that? I need instructions on how to do it, please.
Reply Ricky
6:44 PM on December 29, 2013 
AWESOME cabin and info, LaMar! YOU have given us some GREAT inspirations to relocation and building our off grid homestead! THANKS!!!
Reply John Donaldson
4:18 PM on December 29, 2013 
After reading several of your reviews and guestbook comments, I am seriously considering building a larger cabin, maybe 28X42, or so, possibly using recycled building materials as much as possible, and converting to off-grid.I WILL be buying your books and plans in the near future.
Reply coco279
11:03 AM on December 15, 2013 
Fantastic I really want to be free like you have been thinking about living in a van in the uk for a few years now
Reply Dave Kauffman
11:39 PM on November 28, 2013 
Hi Lamar:

Just finished a 12 by 24 version of your original cabin. I built 2 12X12 squares and bolted them together. Would have went with the 14 footers but my truck was not big enough to haul that length safely.

I did it all by myself on Sundays and a few Thursdays. It took a lil over 3 months to complete. The only power tooI had on site was a cordless drill, everything being cut by hand saw.

I have yet to finish the interior, having used all new materials total costs came to just shy of 5 grand.

I looked for MONTHS for the PERFECT plan to fit my needs of SIMPLICITY & COST. Yours are the BEST within those parameters. An IDIOT can do this, I ought to know, as I AM that IDIOT.

Took photos every weekend & posted them to my FB friends who enjoyed watching my progress.

I won't start on the interior to next spring, as the area will soon get snow & I don't work in the cold. Tommorow we go "Move in" to our weekend cabin.

It was a HARD summer, but it was a FUN summer; THANK YOU!!!

Reply Amy
9:04 PM on November 24, 2013 
Hi. I just wanted to say I really like the Little Luxury one. That would be perfect for me when I'm ready to move. The way you go through the steps is great and I can actually understand. I had back surgery a few years ago so I won't be able to build it myself but when the time does come to where I can move, I may decide to get that one. Thanks for sharing this and making it easy to understand how to live off the grid as much as possible.
Reply David
7:42 PM on November 11, 2013 
Thanks Lymar for all the great information in your book! I'm going to enjoy this very much!
As well, thanks for your music! I think you've got a clear message for folks and I appreciate you sharing with us your message buddy!

Thanks again,

Avatar Homestead
Reply kendra
9:41 AM on October 20, 2013 
LaMar your site is amazing, most sites I visit don't give complete instructions and videos. I know that this will help me to make my dream of moving to Alaska.
Reply Cassandra
8:26 AM on October 18, 2013 
I finally came to your site and bought the plans. I can't tell you how eager I am to build my new home! It's looking like this spring I can get started! Thank you for organizing a way to do this in the most inexpensive way possible and still have a wonderful living space!
Reply Harold Smith
11:45 PM on August 12, 2013 
I'm happy that I found your video's and website! I am SICK of the system, believe me when I tell you how corrupt it is; this I know because I worked 20 years within government employment. I'm working on going completely off the grid. This site and your video's are a big help. Thanks!
Reply Lisa
1:59 PM on July 15, 2013 
Hey Patti Jo, I just want to encourage you and say "you rock." I can completely relate to layoffs, part time jobs, and struggling to make ends meet. Keep your dream alive. There are many people in our shoes and we will need to stick together as things get shaky in the world. Peace.

Patti Jo says...
Thank you, thank you. I lost my job back in September and found a part time one a week later. Money is tight and no savings. I was not feeling the best about me and my situation, heck I was getting depressed. Then I saw your cabin on another site and thought, wow I want that! I could so live in something like that. I don't know how I am going to do it or when, but I now have a dream. It keeps me busy planing out my cabin and looking for land. I know I can save some money and someday have my own place. Thank you for giving me a dream I know I will be able to do. It may take some time and a few friends have made fun of the idea. (thinking I am going to be a introvert or something) But I WILL do it. Thank you so much!! Much love to you for what you do!


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