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Kris Xaphakdy Steel Tube House

Posted on June 7, 2014 at 7:45 PM

This is my dream Home Its been a dream of mine to find some land out somewhere, anchor my Winnebago and start building this home. it is a total of 314 sq ft, It will begin as steel square tubed frame, anchored by large wooden posts. The main walls and floors will be built out out wood panels, sheathing and sealant. Interior walls: will be white smoothened plaster, with sheet metal paneling on the bottom half. Exterior walls: will be two layers of acrylic sheets, inner blue, outer tinted black and bricking on the lower half. The Bedroom: Shag Carpet with a Faux fur rug, two futons, a fireplace/table seperated from the carpet with insulated contact points,and a tv which can be powered by a gas generator and surge protector when needed. The kitchen consists of an oven, a sink, a stove top, ventilation and storage. The dining area consists of a bench, underneath the bench are refrigerated containers. beside the bench is a water tower, and a table on rails. The kitchen floor, hallway and entrance floor will be white wood, the dinning area would be 1' by 3" stainless steel plates in a brick formation. The bathroom walls and floor will be white wood. The bathroom consists of a shower, sink and toilet, water is contained in "container 2" located in the shower which then can be pumped mechanically to the kitchen sink, shower head, or bathroom sink, it can be heated by pumping the water through the heat box, which contains a radiator and a heat source. The draining water is pumped to the container under the toilet which is then used to flush the the waste in the toilet to the septic tank via plunging, a loop in the system will trap water and block off the foul smells of the septic tank. out the kitchen/ dining room door are stairs to the roof and, a room which contains a dozen car batteries which are wired in parrellel and regulated by a load controller. The power will be supplied by solar panels.

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Reply Knot-Kupid
8:50 PM on July 17, 2014 
Interesting, why would you use wooden posts to anchor basically a steel framed unit? Wouldn't it make more sense to do some version of a sono-tube welded steel plate foundation? Your interior and exterior design's approach is a bit different than most but glad someone likes shag carpeting though I lived with too much of it in the seventies to have any desire to include it in my own personal future. :) Good luck to you in creating your dream home.


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