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Nicole Mason House-On-Wheels

Posted on June 27, 2014 at 10:25 AM

My house is based on limitations. I don't have a big truck or a lot of money, so I had to create something that could be towed by a smaller truck and still have everything that I needed, plus could serve as long term shelter until I can afford a larger home. A 14' trailer with steel stud construction will be about all I can handle. Everything has to do double duty. In the house, all of the benches in the nook have storage and the nook is used to climb into the loft. There is a storage area over the bathroom and storage above the toilet. Each cupboard in the kitchen has multiple compartments. The two and a half foot clearance under the trailer acts as storage as well. For off grid power generation and self sufficiency, I opted for a combined solar power with wind. The solar panels are located on top of the greenhouse, with the battery station next to it. The greenhouse is for propagating seed and is also an aquaponics set up. I also needed easily accessible and usable appliances so the house is set up for a portable on-demand water heater, a plug in heater and plug in air conditioning, hot plate and toaster oven. Washing is done by hand and it will use a composting toilet to save money and conserve water. Speaking of water, at about 115 square feet my roof should provide about 57.5 gallons per one inch of rain. Most of the areas I plan on settling in have around 40 inches of rain so in an average year my small roof will yield about 230 gallons of water. Plus an additional 192 gallons off the greenhouse roof specifically for the greenhouse systems. One of my concerns about laying out the garden was how to maximize water use and efficiency. The water is distributed into the system directly from the storage barrels. Since in air and water systems friction caused by the fluids passing through right angles creates inefficiency, I resolved to set out the pipes for the garden in strait lines flowing intoarches. The pipes will be set underground in mulch and gravel to reserve as much water as possible.

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Reply Knot-Kupid
8:07 PM on July 17, 2014 
Hi, just a small comment here. I'm not sure I understand exactly how you are accessing your loft bed. I know you stated that you use the nook area but the first floor layout shows what appears to be about two foot of either bed or a taller bench unit, so I am a bit confused. Your bed appears to be at least a double thus covers the lounge/table area and thus my visual/conceptual confusion. Sounds overall you have your future already laid out for you, so good luck in realizing it and the journey getting there.


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