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A Frame 14x14 Cabin with Free Sketchup Files

A client asked me to design a simple to build A frame cabin under 200 sqft that could be used for a small family and sleep 5. I was sent this picture by a friend and it is the basis for my design:

 This appears to be a 16x16 and I designed my cabin on a 14x14 base to stay under the 200 sqft limit for a dry cabin or shed in rural counties so it does not need to pass codes.

These cabins are commonly used in campgrounds and as ski and snowmobile shanties in high snow country. The extreme roof slope prevents any snow build up and being small they are easy to heat with a propane or small wood stove.

Materials can be expensive or cheap or even free recycled and they can be as rustic or as fancy as you desire. Estimate for material costs for just the cabin insulated shell with recycled windows and door is approximately $1500-$2000 and could be built in a few weekends by  a couple of people with basic construction skills.


 My design utilizes a 14x14 base with 2x6x16 rafter walls. This could be built on deck block, poured cement piers, a cement pad or footer wall or even a basement. I include a Full Loft and Half loft versions.

Here are the free Sketchup files:


You will need to download the free version Sketchup from Google to use the files: GOOGLE SKETCHUP


This video is shot in High Definition so for best viewing change the youtube setting to 480 or 720HD and watch it in full screen.

If you do not have my book "Ultimate Off grid Guide" I highly recommend it to go with this project and it includes valuable info for building small cabins, choosing appliances, installing wood stove, installing solar and/or wind power, drilling wells, composting toilets and a whole lot more:Off the Grid Ebook Order


Hope you like the Cabin design and I am planning a new book "Ten Tiny cabins Under $2000" so watch for me to announce it on Youtube and please subscribe.










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