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8x8 Mini-Cabin

This is a cabin design I came up with for a contest over at:

The design is for an 8x8 cabin (64 sqft foot print) and has a  fully functioning living area, kitchen, bathroom with shower, study/dining area and loft bedroom.  Head space in the loft is 4 feet at the peak.

I used full size apartment appliances and fixtures that are readily available. The shower base is standard 3x3 and toilet could be standard flush or composting.

The cabin is a simple 2x4 stud frame with a barn style roof for more room in the loft and is fully insulated.

I included lots of storage room. Storage under the sink, in bathroom, and lots of cupboards and shelves. The loft also has storage for clothes and a built in entertainment center.

This would be a good project for a single person or college student that just needs a place to live but spends more time outside and does not have a lot of extra "stuff.

I estimate the cost of the cabin without windows, doors or interior furnishings to be under $1000 and these 8x8 barn sheds are even available pre-built from places like Lowe's and Home Depot for under $1500.

Below are pictures and you can download the free Sketchup design which alows you to view all the cabin fatures and even modify the plans to suit your needs. You will need the free version of Sketchup to view the sktechup cabin plans and that is available for free here:

 Mini-Cabin Sketchup file:


The cabin is 8x8 and 8 feet tall. It uses standard door and windows and 2x4 construction. Loft head room is 4 feet. You can build it for under $1000 or buy a prebuilt for about $1500.



 Main Floor plan. Kitchen and study/dining area is 5x8 aproximately. Shower and toilet area is 3x8 aproximately.



Kitchen area complete with compact fridge, 2 burner stove oven, microwave, sink and lots of storage space. Window over sink for view and light. Notice the ladder which pulls away from the wall for loft access.


Looking down at kitchen from the loft bedroom.


Large study and dining desk with open shelves and sorage cabinets. Room for 2 people.


Nice window for light and ventilation. Lots of open shelves for nick nacks etc.



Full size standard flush toilet or composting toilet Large closet on left of toilet with room in base for a water tank and On Demand water heater etc. Space for a heater in base by toilet. Shower base is standard 3x3 on right of toilet.



8x8 Loft bedroom has room for a full size bed. Storage for clothes and a built in entertainment center. Nice window for ventilation and light. Safety grab rails (not shown) should be included by ladder entrance.


Loft view shows ladder and built in entertainment center and clothes storage space.



Floor plan of kitchen and study/dining area.


Bathroom floor plan. Full 3x3 shower base and standard toilet. Notice the  nice large storage closet by toilet. There is a window installed above toilet not shown in this picture.


 Shower and kitchen view. Notice the nice large storage cabinets above kitchen unit.


View of cabin from the left. Nice window in door for light reduces windows in wall to save space for cabinets.


Cabin is shown with an 18" brick foundation but could be placed on a cement pad, deck block or cinderblock foundation. I would add a nice covered front porch entry way but steps would be sufficient.


Hope you enjoyed the project!








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