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Design and Build Your Own 8x16 Tiny House On Wheels or Stand Alone House or Off grid Cabin




How to Design a Tiny House On Wheels or Free Standing Tiny House

 Videos will open on youtube. Please turn off add blocker so I make a little money. 


This is the Sketchup file for the first lesson and includes 4 floor plan designs and the framed house on a trailer ready for you to modify to suit your needs:  SKETCHUP FILE

This is the Sketchup file for the second lesson and includes a free standing and tiny huse on wheels framed models ready for you to modify to suit your needs: SKETCHUP FILE

 You do not need a dropbox account to download. Click "no thanks" and click green download button on top right.

 I put many hours of work in to these designs to make it easier for you to design your own houses and use the components and floor plans that work best for tiny houses so please help support my work to provide housing designs for homeless, Veterans and people that need affordable housing with a donation and any amount helps- thank you!



 PLEASE do not upload any of my designs to Google sketchup library or transfer the file or modifications. All of my designs are copyrighted with the US Library of Congress.

 I will have part 2 of the video lesson up by March 31, 2019 with another sketchup file of the completed framing and insulated model ready to furnish.

If you do not have a Sketchup program installed you can get the free version here:  SKETCHUP 

Once you have Sketchup installed click on the 8x16 .skp file and it will open automatically.

So you can get an idea of the type of homeless housing projects I am involved in please watch this excellent video:  The Austin Community Solving Chronic Homelessness


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