photos photos Cabin Front Cabin front showing porch and my steel horses at the hitching post. 60523906 Back of cabin This view is back of cabin. Door is steel insulated with a nice window. 60523907 Front of cabin Fron of cabin without porch 60523908 Bathroom walls built Here will be the 5x6 bathroom. 60523909 Without skirting Heres the cabin before the skirting was installed 60523910 Door sign says Whispering moose lodging and libation! 60523911 Inside loft view from inside loft befor end was finished 60523912 front 60523913 Kitchen You can see sink and propane stove 60523914 Fridge heres my propane fridge and stove 60523915 Dining area dining are for 4 60523916 Front with panels Heres the completed cabin with solar panels installed 60523917 Bathroom sink I use a wash stand and pitcher for washing 60523918 Water heater thats my on demand water heater on the wall 60523919 living area full size couch pulls out to bed for guests 60523920 propane furnace thats a 20,000 btu glowarm furnace 60523921 Front door view from my couch 60524022 Generator thats a 1500 watt champion generator for backup power 60524023 Inverter thats a 400 watt inverter for AC power 60524024 Kitchen View of kitchen from dining area 60524025 front 60524026 living area 60524027 Battery array I use 3 deep cycle batteries for all my electricity. 60524028 Charge controller This is a Hosco charge controller that keeps the batteries full 60524029 Finished 14x14 Solar Cabin This is how the cabin looks now 122096384